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Bellerive Rechtsanwält

Debt-Restructuring Moratorium
WayRay AG


WayRay Ltd, a deep-tech start-up in the pre-market phase and therefore dependent on external funding, has applied for creditor protection in the form of a six-month debt-restructuring moratorium. This request was granted on January 5, 2023. Dr. Jürg Roth (Bellerive Attorneys at Law) was appointed as curator.


WayRay Ltd needs the moratorium to prepare its Series D round in the currently very challenging investment environment without the risk of being forced into bankruptcy due to lack of liquidity; this investment round was imminent before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, but was subsequently put on hold.


WayRay Ltd intends to meet its liabilities in full. The debt moratorium therefore only serves as a postponement and not for the preparation of a composition agreement.


Nevertheless, WayRay Ltd’s creditors are requested to submit their claims until [date] at the latest. In this regard, reference is made to the creditors' call published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce on [date].


Forms for the submission of claims are available for download below. The use of these forms is recommended but not mandatory. Either way, please provide adequate written evidence to support your claim(s).


Dr. Jürg Roth

+41 44 441 55 44

Submission of claims
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